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Abdominal Band

Pelvic Brace For Pregnancy is a cloth belt-shaped waistband wrapped around the abdomen, which has the function of preventing the cold of the abdomen and supporting the abdomen.


Functions of Abdominal Band:

1. The Elastic Abdominal Band provides some support for the spine, thereby reducing muscle tension, so it can protect the waist.

2. The Belly Support Maternity can promote the metabolism of fat cells in the waist, making the waist line more attractive, so as to achieve the effect of body shaping.

3. The Mother To Be Maternity Support Belt from Fangang can reduce local edema and relieve pain, and promote postpartum and post-injury recovery.


OEM ODM Customized Services for Wholesale Women Belly Band:

1. Sizes, Colors and packing styles can be customized;

2. Your Logo can be printed on the labels, tags, instructions, packing bags and cartons.

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